Dan Roge

is a Boston-based UX designer with a keen sense for how a brand's story can lead to its biggest fans taking action and building community.




Before I even knew that UX design existed, I knew I loved great stories. Storytelling, in all it's forms, requires connecting to and guiding the person hearing the story to take action. Each project in my portfolio is an example of human-centered design - getting to the root of what is useful and offering it to a delighted user.

For six years, I've developed great experiences that get delighted people to take action.


Experience Design

Experience design is vital to making truly useful products for users. These projects show how I have led iterative design processes, building user centered experiences.

How might I design a solution that makes it easy to capture and complete tasks in multitasking organizations?

How might the development team at Riverside educate their members to make giving more efficient?

How might we build a safe, useful, emotionally positive experience in a self driving car for a low vision user?

Content Strategy

Each of these projects started with me wondering how I might pull a brand's audience more deeply into the work they are doing. Some projects focus more heavily on content, others more heavily on creating experiences with content at the center.

How might we make the issue of childhood hunger in the US feel real and urgent?

How might we design an experience for Millennials that results in them taking action that restores home for displaced farmers in Colombia? 

How might we introduce more Millennial students to apparel brands that are concerned with using their supply chain to leave the world better than they found it?


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